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About Us

We guarantee we are “the only bike shop you’ll ever need”!

Top Team

At Cycle Logical, we are a young team, with a passion for cycling in all its forms. We eat, breath, sleep and live cycling.

Our passions stretch across the board from recreational to competitive cycling.

Between us we have over 65 years of experience and knowledge available just for your benefit, in all facets of the sport and industry.

Racing or touring, utility or family, our knowledge is available to help you.

We will ensure that your needs and questions are answered honestly, competently and efficiently and that you will leave our shop with the right product, be it a complete bike, clothing, accessories or a food supplement.

Simply want advice? – no problem. Call in and see us, and have a chat – It’s free!

Individual advice for the individual will ensure you particular needs are met.

Get riding

We carry a comprehensive range of bikes to suit the needs of everyone from toddler to pensioner, from casual commuter to serious competitive cyclist.

Add a little

We carry a wide range of accessories from the leading suppliers in the industry. We are closely associated with Madison and their Business to Business supply network. We can provide all products from these ranges within 24 hours.

Want to race?

We have an extensive range of off the shelf racing bikes or we can custom build to suit your needs.

Peddling for pleasure

A wide range of light-weight cycles to suit your riding style, and give you the most fun.

City slicker

All the latest Hybrids. You would never know that beating the congestion and riding to work or the shops could be such fun. And the bonus is… it keeps you fit.

Own a boat? Need a Bike?

We have a range, including folding bikes to satisfy this special need.


Fun with the family

An exciting range of children’s bikes available so you can all have fun together. Open a window to a whole new world and enjoy the fresh air that’s out there.

New look tourist

The latest style of bikes will allow you to enjoy the sights and scenes of the highways and byways of our beautiful countryside.

Disabled but active

We have expert knowledge of special needs bikes, which will allow you an easy route to fun, fitness and freedom.

Look good, feel good, ride well.

Confucius say (well - our Managing Director) - “Look after your bottom, feet and hands and they will look after you”. Whether it’s a pair of socks or a complete outfit, commuting or racing, winter or summer, we are here to advise you, guide you and supply you. Helmets and shoes available for every style of rider.

All the knobs and whistles

Want to keep your drink hot or cold? We’ve got the bottle for the job. We can even put the water supply on your back! Want to cycle in the Sahara or the Arctic Circle? We’ve got the bags for you. Multi tool kits, fit to be seen in the pub with will help you keep your bike in tip- top condition. These are just a few of the things we can supply. Visit us and let your imagination run wild.

Life in the old dog yet!

Is your bike looking old, worn out and tired? Need to upgrade? We can supply and fit the latest hi tech components and give your bike a new lease of life. We have the expert knowledge to advise you which components we can fit to your bike to ensure optimum performance.

Nice bike – keep it right

All the latest tools available for easy home maintenance including work stands to save your back for the riding.


All new bikes, which leave our shop, are built to current legislation standards and are professionally assembled and checked. We operate our own service reminder scheme with free membership, to ensure service at regular intervals. All of this is for your safety and security as well as protecting your investment.

We service and repair all types of bike. All our staff are NVQ Cytech Qualified Mechanics. They work with the latest equipment and tools and are continuously trained in new techniques and the latest technology.

As your bike gets older, it needs a bit more TLC and we provide three levels of service.

All repairs from a simple puncture to a complex wheel build are carried out on site in our workshop.

Any doubts, or concerns about your bike and its ability, or road worthiness, bring it in for free advice – it costs nothing to talk. We will keep you safely on the move at a sensible price.

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